LAHORE - Strong lobbying by the heads of various branches in Punjab Police Capital Office (CPO) have kept the top administrative slots in their hands, as none of them has been transferred to any other district of the province for the last 12 to 15 years, reliable sources disclosed on Friday. The sources said that due to the lobby, violation of rules regarding appointments, corruption in salaries, nepotism, misappropriation of funds, delay in fixing salaries of transferred police officers and many other heinous acts were emerging. Moreover, according to police rules and regulations, only Deputy Director and superintendent of police can head a Branch but interestingly, the CPO is lacking any official of DD rank and various branches are being run currently by Assistant Directors. Additional Inspector General (Addl IG) Punjab Chaudhry Tanvir Ahmed told this scribe that shortage of eligible officials in the department was the main cause of this situation. He, however, denied the existence of such lobby and maintained that IG Punjab and he (Addl IG) had appointed them on merit. The department will definitely appoint other officials when new energetic force is prepared, he commented. Informed police sources said that the lobby establis-hed by a few ADs and superintendents have captured the top Police administration in their hands as none of them was transferred from CPO since the date. Moreover some of these officials were even heading two posts at a same time. Few big slots of sensitive branches were lying vacant since long but none of the AD or Superintendents was being appointed against the posts. On the other side, a large number of ADs and Superintendents has been appointed as in-charges of those police administrative branches, which are comparatively less important than Registrar, Secret, Establishment I, Establishment III and Logistic Branch, they added. Registrar Branch Head AD Ghulam Murtaza, former AD of Logistic Branch, Assistant Inspector General (AIG) Admin Fida Hussain, former AD of Secret Branch, AD Establishment I Ghulam Mohayy-ud-Din, former AD Admin, along with some other ADs have established a strong lobby in CPO administrative system since long. Whenever the reshuffling took place these officials were transferred from one branch to another but remained in the CPO and were never directed to report in other districts of the province, they added. A top police source at CPO, requesting not to be named, said Logistic and Secret Branches, considered very sensitive and imperative branches, were still vacant from last nine months. According to rules only DD or Superintendent is able to handle these branches but due to monopoly, some officers of Assistant ranks have been discharging their duties as incharges of these branches. Reportedly, AD Ghulam Murtaza is discharging and enjoying the benefits of DD. Sources said some three to four such sensitive branches were lacking DDs or superintendents and were being run by the Assistants. Interestingly, the Superintendents were appointed as in-charges of Diary Dispatch Branch, Directive Cell Branch, etc, which are considered comparatively less important, where Assistants Can easily discharge their duties. Another top police source said that ADs and Superintendents were running almost 10 to 15 branches of CPO where assistants could be adjusted but such violation of rules was creating severe disappointment among eligible police officials, besides giving destructive results across the Punjab. Jam Sajjad Hussain