President Zardari has recently suggested that people living in the non-flooded areas be taxed according to size of their plots of agri-holdings. Unfortunately, response by the people of Pakistan and donor countries has been that of complete lack of trust in this government. An even more damning judgment on probity, or lack of it of the government has been response of the same people towards charitable organizations of repute which have been overwhelmed with supply of relief goods. That shows how much the people mistrust their government and its agencies. Furthermore, the government has done visibly little to cut back on its own unnecessary expenditures on perks and privileges. Most important of all is the all pervasive view that the present lot of rulers are all tainted by corruption. No surprises then that people are simply not willing to hand over their hard earned cash to them. So here is an alternate suggestion for the government to consider. The government should immediately re-invoke all written-off loans and all concerned be asked to deposit the amount with mark up within 30 days or face imprisonment and attachment of properties. Secondly, starting with President and Prime Minister, all foreign travel by high government officials be banned for next one year and the amount earmarked for it be deposited in the national kitty. The President House and PM House expenditures, including those of their mammoth roll of staff, has to be slashed by 50 %. Police escorts to ministers, advisors, state ministers and to others that get it just for show off be immediately withdrawn. No delegation should proceed abroad if it has more than three persons and all unnecessary tours be stopped forthwith. The monies identified to have been stolen/siphoned/received in kickbacks etc, especially one chunk of US$ 60 million in an account in Switzerland that we hear so much about, has to be brought back. The President himself is reported to have enormous wealth stashed up abroad. Perhaps he can offer the government (and people )of Pakistan a few billion dollars on loan on 5 year warranty bond, perhaps without a profit for the sake of country? We need everybody to sacrifice for Pakistan. -MAHMOOD L. MALIK, Rawalpindi, September 16.