Recently in a tragic incident a disgruntled student shot Vice-Principal in Faisalabad at point blank range, killing him on the spot. He took this dreadful step out of extreme frustration after failing for the fourth consecutive year. The incident only shows the moral fibre of our society. There is no doubt that students are encouraged to use guns by a gun culture prevailing in our society. However there is also another factor to consider. The mental health of student was questionable who had been in the university since 2002. Once expelled from university, he was re-admitted on parents request. One cannot quite say with confidence whether it was because of depression or some serious mental disorder that he shot at the VP. Another question is how come the student was able to take a gun inside the university campus? These days fool proof security checks should be exercised at educational institution. There is also dire need of keeping a check on the social activities of the students so as to avoid such gory incidents. IFTIKHAR S. MIRZA, Islamabad, September 7.