It is highly encouraging that Prime Minister Gilani has realised that his presence is needed inside the country the most at this hour of trouble particularly in Sindh that has been devastated by disastrous floods. On Friday, while talking to media, he told the nation that he has cancelled his visit to the US for the UN General Assembly session. His decision should be greatly appreciated. His personal supervision of the flood relief and rehabilitation operations, as he himself stated, would make a lot of difference. The UN General Assembly session is quite important and even British Prime Minister David Cameron called him to discuss the upcoming event but there should be hardly any doubt that it is much more important to look after the people displaced by floods. As witnessed in the recent days, the pace of relief operations is far from satisfactory and millions of affected persons are still languishing under an open sky, waiting for food and medical supplies. Mr Gilanis visit to the calamity-hit zones would not only be a source of help, but also of solace to the people in distress. The cancellation of the visit might put off some countries but we should not bother about that. Mr Gilanis message to the US during the same media briefing that it is now its own turn to do more is a firm rebuff to the barrage of demands coming from Obama Administration.