A Spanish artist has created incredible tributes to her favourite films - on her fingernails. Maya Pixelskaya, 26, has painstakingly recreated scenes from movies including Jaws and Amelie. She has also paid her fingernail tributes to The Nightmare before Christmas, The Wicker Man and The Seven Year Itch. Her fingernails have also been the canvas to stills from video games such as Monkey Island and Doom. Im a video game and art lover so I decided to combine both in order to create unique designs, she explained. Miss Pixelskaya, of Madrid, said she started by painting miniature film characters on her nails when she got bored while revising for university exams. She said: I needed to keep my finger still for hours while the polish dried so it was the perfect time-consuming activity to do when I wasnt meant to be moving away from my revision notes. I would make five or six layers for each nail, so they always looked a little thicker than a normal nail. It took an extremely long time because I had to let each layer dry before proceeding to the next. Sometimes I couldnt move for a whole evening so that I wouldnt spoil my nail by accident. ON