Three more dengue patients expired on Sunday taking the death toll 39 in Lahore. According to hospital sources, a woman died of dengue virus late Saturday night in local Hospital. Khalida Bibi, resident of Darogawala, was admitted to Shalimar hospital. Despite medical treatment she did not recover and was shifted to Services Hospital where she died late Saturday night. Meanwhile, 19-year old Usman, hailing from Baghban Poora, was admitted to Mayo Hospital where he was diagnosed as Dengue patient. He remained under treatment for nine days. The third patient, Bashir, 50, also died at Mayo Hospital. With more deaths, the toll climbed to 39 within 24 hours in the city. According to reports, over 400 new cases of dengue have been reported in Lahore in the last 36 hours, taking the total number of patients to 5715 in the city. Sources said that Hospitals in the province were crowded with dengue patients who complain that despite government orders there were not enough resources to treat them. Fear and fret had prevailed throughout Lahore city. Meanwhile a special training course was organized on Sunday for 150 doctors of Lahore. Sri Lankan medical team members exchanged their experiences with Pakistani specialists about ways and means to control the disease. The Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif who also attended the course said a road map is being drawn to deal with the virus. He said there is lack of experience in handling dengue virus in Pakistan. He said the Punjab Government has deployed all its resources to deal with the epidemics. However he said the government alone cannot cope with the problem and called on the civil society to join hands in the campaign.