KARACHI- A unified Muslim League is likely to emerge on the national horizon and time will remove all the hurdles that are blocking the way of all the factions to come together and become one solid political entity, political sources say. Whenever, in the recent past, efforts were made to bring all factions together, it was PML-N which created hurdles in the way of unification process. However, the time will force even PML-N to review its policy and join the campaign to unify the league which can become a force to reckon with on the political horizon of the country. In Sindh, the reorganisation of PML-N has long been delayed in the absence of a clear policy and instructions from the top leadership. The indecisiveness of PML-N and delaying the reorganisation of the party in the four provinces including Sindh, where the PML-N leadership instead of relying on established and reputed leaders, are encouraging second tier leadership with no or little following. This has disappointed the party cadres which remained steadfast to party in hour of its trial. During the private conversation with a number of seasoned PML-N leaders, it has been transpired that gradually but slowly a unified Muslim League may emerge with all the factions in its fold. The loyal cadres of PML-N in Sindh, who faced the dictatorial regime when the partys high command was in exile, are now being ignored by the high command which resulted in frustration among them. The leaders feel that PML-N chief is surrounded by cronies and sycophants who were not giving right advice to the leader because of which there was delay in the reorganisation of the party in all the four provinces. Taking advantage of the frustration and disappointment among the loyal PML-N cadres in Sindh, the Chaudhrys of Gujrat are making contacts with their former colleagues and trying to woo them into their own faction. However, the leaguers are lukewarm to the offers made and are waiting for a decision from the partys high command, which had promised that it will soon announce the policy or party reorganisation. Nomination of provincial PML-N president has become a bone of contention in Sindh and a number of candidates are jockeying for this slot, which has created groupings among the party cadres. Some of the party leaders who stood with the party in crucial times have chosen to keep watching the situation silently and with patience. Taking note of the situation, PML-N Chief Nawaz Sharif and Shahbaz Sharif visited Sindh but they failed to shepherd the herd together. One of the respected and reputed stalwart of PML-N Syed Ghous Ali Shah has not lost hope in reviving the party, which he had served with devotion in Sindh. Shah who returned home recently after performing Umrah, when approached to comment on various aspects of his party and the problems faced by it in the province, said every issue would be solved amicably. However, he refused to give any statement or opinion on matters in the interest and unity of the party but added Muslim Leaguers in Sindh are keen to reorganise the party as soon as possible. The former chief minister and born Muslim Leaguer, is one of the senior most leaders in the province and carries good reputation. He can rally around him the Leaguers if given the task. Analysts believe that Muslim Leaguers of every faction hold the party interest very dear to them and are in constant touch with each other discussing how the Muslim League can play a stronger role in national politics. The leaders of all the factions genuinely want to come together. However, the lead should come from the PML-N which is showing indecisiveness at present. The prevailing political situation, it is believed, would bring the Leaguers closer and they once again work in unison to pull the country out of the current political morass.