ISLAMABAD - The government has said goodbye to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) purely on political grounds instead of economic grounds, as it does not want to enter into a fresh programme with tough conditions at a time when elections are not far away, it has learnt on Saturday. Sources told TheNation the government thinks that 2012 might be the election year; therefore entering into a new IMF programme would not be a wise decision, as the international donor agency would ask for tough decisions in the fresh programme. One of the top official of the Gilanis government informed that as PPP led coalition government does not want to accept tough decision of IMF for fresh loan programme at the time when elections are around the corner. So in their viewpoint, it is not an appropriate time to accept tough conditions of IMF. It is worth mentioning here that Pakistani government has decided neither to take new IMF programme not to extend the suspended programme. The IMF has delayed the release of remaining two tranches of $ 3.40 billion to Pakistan, as Islamabad failed to bring power as well as taxation reforms. The government officials as well as economic experts believe if Pakistan wants to enter into new programme, the IMF would take tough decision rather than earlier one. Earlier, officials of Finance Ministry were of the view that government had no other option than to request for new programme in order to start repayment to the IMF. Following its legal obligation, Pakistan has to pay $1.4b to the IMF in calendar year 2012 as repayment of the 7.2b dollars Stand by Arrangement (SBA) begins. Now, the government is of the view that they would start repayment on their own resources. According to the officials of Finance Ministry, the government would request for IMF programme in case of emergency situation that included any external or internal economic shock. However, they believed that government would keep its focus on reforms in taxation and power sector.