Dengue deaths could reach alarming proportions, warned Sri Lankan Dr Kolitha Sellahewa. Dr Kolitha is senior doctor in the Sri Lankan team helping the Punjab government in curbing the dengue virus spread by mosquitoes. He told a private news channel that a flood of panicked people has entered hospitals in Lahore. Collective efforts are required to be made on war footings to check the dengue mosquitoes. No country of the world, including Sri Lanka, has been able to eliminate dengue, he added. The steps taken by the provincial government may be helping check the spread of virus to an extent, yet the disease could only be checked if the mosquito is denied breeding places stagnant fresh water. The Lankan doctor said that there was no need to panic as the dengue mosquito couldnt travel much distance from the breeding places. If the people try to check the mosquito at homes and work places, the ratio of ailment could come down in the next five years.