MALAKAND Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf workers staged a protest demonstration against price hike and poor law and order situation in the country here in Dargai on Saturday. The PTI activists from to Malakand division, headed by Yaqoob khan, the Additional secretary general PTI Malakand division, demanded an end to the price hike in the country. The PTI senior workers from Malakand and local units presidents including KP-98 Organiser Haji Erfan Ali khan, UC Gahri Sumani Khel President Haji Kamal Khan and Haji Hashtamand delivered speeches on the occasion. The rally participants walked around Dargai Bazaar through different avenues. Speakers on the occasion urged the rulers to stop following their 'wrong policy to become part of the war on terror. They also urged them to change their economic policies, so that price hike in the country could be ended. Yaqoob Khan while addressing the rally urged the rulers to control the prices of the daily-used items. Meanwhile, a prominent businessman of Peshawar Qaiser Javed joined Pakistan Tahreek-e-Insaf along with his family members, sources siad on Saturday. He expressed his full loyalties with PTI Chairman Imran Khan. He made this announcement during the recent visit of Imran Khan to Peshawar. Taking oath on the Holy Quran, Qaiser Javed said he promised to be an honest and faithful worker of PTI. He said Imran Khan was their leader and he would not avoid making any sacrifice for the party. Chairman PTI Imran Khan congratulated Qaiser Javed and his family for entering to the fold of PTI. A large number of workers chanted slogans in favour of the party on the occasion.