He is neither a bowler nor a batsman, not of any repute, anyway. Yet, he has performed a rare hat-trick by winning for the third time in a row, the coveted David Shepherd Trophy at the International Cricket Council Awards ceremony in London the other day for his umpiring skills. His extraordinary performance on the field has brought great laurels to the country at a time when our national sports teams have been performing poorly at the international level. Realising, that faulty decisions can be the players graveyard, he always keeps his cool and composure while umpiring, does not wilt under pressure even when the stakes are high, gives a high percentage of correct decisions, acts honestly, avoids controversies with the players on and off the field and maintains pleasant demeanour even in difficult situations. These then are Aleem Dars visible hallmarks which have taken him to lofty heights. No wonder the players and the sports organisers worldwide invariably respect his judgment. Its primarily for this reason that the batsmen walk away from the crease showing no annoyance ever, once he raises his finger on appeals by the fielders. Likewise, the fielding side also unreservedly accepts his verdicts when its appeals are turned down. So, Mr. Aleem Dar, this is wishing you the very best in your future endeavours as well. Keep the country happy with more laurels for many more years by performing honestly and expertly, with commitment and passion as a brilliant international umpire without parallel in modern day cricket. FAROOQ ZAMAN, Lahore, September 17.