LAHORE -Former President Pervez Musharraf is making desperate efforts these days to get a green signal from the powers that be to make it sure his comeback on March 23, 2012 is safe, TheNation has learnt. Sources in the APML (his party) privy to the developments regarding his return, which he himself announced in several party programmes, told this scribe on Saturday that the former strongman was making efforts to make contacts with 'men of say in influential quarters of the Establishment for return, however he havent succeeded in his endeavors so far. They maintained that Musharraf during his shuttling between London and Dubai in the past several met with some 'indirect contacts who were playing the role of 'go-between the two sides have failed to give him a good news so far. Meanwhile, Musharraf in an emergency meeting with party leaders held in Dubai on Saturday directed them to shun their personal differences to organize the party in an effort to bring a sizeable number of people on his comeback. According to party sources Musharraf told them that he had hired the services of a public relations firm, which was making a comprehensive campaign for his image building back home, while they had already helped him get interviewed on some important Pakistani TV channels, which earlier downplaying or blacking out his political activities. He also told them that he would try to get maximum benefit from the public relations firm, while the party leaders should focus only on organizing the APML back home to give an impression to the international media that he enjoys popular support in Pakistan. Musharraf further directed the party leaders to bring the angry senior party leaders back in the APML ranks, while he would also make direct contacts with the said party leaders. He directed them to make operational the party offices back home in real sense and generate political activity there to project the party as a genuine political entity. He directed the party leaders for organizing party programmes focusing day to day issues of the common man and natural calamities like floods in Sindh and dengue epidemic in Punjab to muster public support. When contacted, Fawad Chaudhary senior APML leader in Dubai said that top agenda item of the meeting was Pervez Musharrafs return, besides deliberating over other issues pertaining to partys organization and current political scenario in the country. Fawad said that party leaders including Ahmed Raza Kasuri, Barrister Muhammad Saif and Dr. Amjad Hussain attended the meeting from Pakistan, besides party leaders from Britain, America and Canada. It may be noted here that newly born political entity, APML has recently received serious shockwaves with the parting ways of Dr. Sher Afghan Niazi and Naseem Ashraf, besides closing down of partys office in London.