Chief of Army Staff Gen Ashfaq Pervez Kayani met US chairman Joint Chief of Staff Committee (JCSC), Admiral Mike Mullen in Spain. Pentagon spokesman informed that during the 2-hour meeting held in the sidelines of NATO conference in Spain, at late Friday night, military leadership of both countries stressed on enhanced military relations. Both also expressed their deep satisfaction at the fact that steps had been taken to maintain good, conducive relations between two countries, during past few months, while both military leaders also mulled over military cooperation, and steps to enhance it further. This level of meeting was the first ever held since the American commando incursion of Abbottabad in which Osama-Bin-Laden was reportedly killed by American SEAL forces, without any prior information /permission of Pakistani authorities. It is pertinent to note that due to these strained relations, Pakistan had to suffer cutouts in U$. 2.7 billion worth of military US aid. Pakistan had retaliated by Cutting down the number of military personnel (many of them trainers) on its soil. Both military leaders had met at the most critical juncture, amid American Defense secretary Leon Panetas recent most interview in which he had expressed dissatisfaction at Pakistani action against extremist elements. Expressing solidarity with the reservations of his Defense secretary, Mike Mullen had also expressed his concerns over active role of Haqqani network and had reiterated Americas demands that Pakistan Army should also take full strong military action against Haqqani network, especially its safer havens based in Northern Wazirstan. America holds Haqqani network as being responsible for the recent bombing attack on its American embassy and NATO HQs of Kabul during this month.; alleging that the responsible elements had full support of discrete Pakistani official sympathizers. US ambassador, Cameron Munter had also accused Haqqani network involvement in Kabul attack, and had stressed that the group should be eliminated to stop further such actions.