The anti-Islam film has continued to enrage and furious street demonstrations, even in countries like Australia, have been witnessed. The protestors called upon the US administration to ensure punishment for the film-maker and to put an end to such periodic acts of provocation. Deliberate acts of mischief-mongering are bound to flare up public sentiment and cause ill-will and resentment not only against those individuals who indulge in the foul play of creating hatred between cultures and civilisations, but also against the country from which they originate – this applies equally to those who made and promoted the film and those who have killed in response to it. In Karachi, organisers claimed that protestors, marching peacefully towards the American Consulate, turned to violence in response to police brutality when it tried to prevent them from reaching their destination. Two persons were killed and over 100 wounded, as aerial firing, tear gas and water cannons were indiscriminately used by the police. In turn, the crowd torched nine vehicles, including four police vans. However, Karachi was not the only place where scenes of Pakistanis’ wrath were seen; in Hyderabad also one person was killed. Lahore and Peshawar also saw people on streets protesting. The anger has not yet abated; and calls have already been issued to stage countrywide protests on Friday. Outside Pakistan, other countries, especially Muslim, have remained on the boil. Reports of people’s anger in Egypt, Sudan, Libya, Afghanistan and India have also come in. While India, where a protester died, has banned the links of YouTube carrying the film that it has called “offensive material”, Australia condemned the movie and, Germany has barred the entry of pastor Terry Jones into the country, who has confessed to promoting the film. Pakistan has followed suit and PTA claims it has suspended only those links directly carrying the video from Pakistani cyber space to keep the peace. Whether this will suspend protests, it remains to be seen. However, it is worth a try in a no-win situation.