PESHAWAR - Venting their anger over blasphemous film, the political parties, traders and student unions staged separate protest demonstrations, burnt US flags and blocked roads against the act and called the government to cut diplomatic ties with the US. The protests continued for the forth consecutive days in KPK and Fata, wherein protesting people, political workers of difference parties, traders and students unions burnt tyres and blocked roads so as to record their anguish against the blasphemous film, which has deeply hurt feelings of Muslims worldwide.PML-N, PTI workers, traders, office bearers of press and publishers association staged protest demonstrations at Chitrali Bazar, interior city and Bazari-e-Dalgiran, IJT demonstrated outside KPK Assembly building, while Afridi students and PTI students protested outs side Peshawar Press Club. The protesting people and workers blocked roads for all sort of traffic owing to that passengers ahead with numerous problems. The main Sher Shah Suri road was closed for traffic for about five hours. The protesting people chanted full throat slogans and called upon government to severe diplomatic ties with the US and asked people to boycott US products as well. Holding banners inscribed with slogans in favour of Muhammad (PBUH) and against US and Israel, they said that US and Israel could never become friends of Muslims. Main objective of the blasphemous film, they said was to hurt feelings of Muslims, thus, it was a right time for Muslims Umma to get united and foil the bad intensions of the US. They called for unity among Muslims and said that OIC and Muslims countries should raise together so that to stop such acts in future, adding that Muslim rulers were playing their role like silent spectator which they termed regrettable and that’s was why the US and infidels were playing with feelings of Muslims. They called for a capital punishment for Terry Jones and deporting US diplomat immediately.    Meanwhile, various parties staged protest demonstration against the blasphemous film in district Nowshera. The enraged workers of various parties blocked roads for several hours and called upon government to take up this issue on international front. They said that OIC should pass a resolution against the act so that to stop such acts in future. Like other parts in the country protests against the blasphemous movie was held at tehsil Landi Kotal Khyber Agency by the students of degree college Landi Kotal on by-pass Pak-Afghan road of Landi Kotal.The really which was organized under the auspices of the college union and large numbers of students participated in it. They were holding banners and placards inscribed with anti- American slogans saying and were shouting full-throat slogans against the ant-Muslims policy from the West.The speakers on the occasion criticised the infamous film and declared it conspiracy against Islam. The act has been done with support of US government with aims to instigate the Muslims to extremism but, adding they will not be let to succeed in their job, they claimed. They also asked the government to expel the US envoy from the country and cut all diplomatic ties with America. At the end the flag of America was set ablaze and then the mob dispersed peacefully. Similarly, MNA Pir Mohamamd Noor ul Haq Qadri while speaking at a conference in Peshawar condemned the blasphemous act in strong words adding that they would lay down lives for the sake of Mohammad (PBUH) and for Islam. He asked the Muslim world to make it clear to the US to stop happenings. Meanwhile IJT Agricultural University burnt US flag, sit in on University road after they marched from Agricultural University till the University of Peshawar. They said that IJT would continue its protests until the government did not announce to stop all sort of relations with the US. Later they dispersed peacefully.