MULTAN - Awami Muslim League (AML) Chief Sheikh Rashid Ahmad has confessed that the decisions like deposing chief justice, Lal Masjid operation and Akbar Bugti’s murder were highly ill-advised steps that took the toll on Musharraf regime.Talking to the journalists here the other day, he suggested to former president Musharraf to face courts and go to jail. “If he adopts this path, he’ll gain some place in Pakistan,” he added. He said that the situation was highly volatile in the country. “The looters of national wealth would have stolen even the bones of the dead, had the Chief Justice not been there,” he added. He regretted that every year two million youth searched jobs but they could not find anything because of poor economic conditions.He said that the local government elections were not likely to take place while delaying general elections would also harm national interests. “If the polls are not held on time, selection would take place in the country,” he warned. He said that the masses would have to come out of their homes to get rid of looters and plunderers. He alleged that the rulers were committing pre-poll rigging and the nation would regret if it did not come out at this critical time. He declared that the candidates of his party would contest election on 22 seats on the electoral sign of pen and inkpot.He claimed that Multan would prove political Leningrad of Pakistan and those who elected their representative in by election would have to compensate their mistake. He said that Gilani family was involved in Efidrine case and Haj scandal. “Nothing could save the country if the people still vote for them,” he declared. He said that the Seraiki leaders rendered valuable services for this region and when they came to know about the corruption of the rulers, they raised demand for separate province.He said that recent increase in petroleum prices was another way to fleece the public. He said that billions of rupees were being soiled on media while 25 children of ‘Gang of Seven’ were committing computerised theft.Referring to Balochistan, he said that development projects were being launched in the province without construction plan while contracts awarded without PC-1. He added that Haj season was around the corner but the condition of PIA was highly regrettable. “Out of 39 planes, 21 are ground,” he added.Referring to Karachi tragedy, he said that there was a big question mark on the incident. “We consider labourers sheep and goats. It’s condemnable mindset,” he maintained. He declared that he would soon hold public meetings in Multan, Lahore and Khanewal.