ISLAMABAD - Beijing on Monday warned Tokyo of serious consequences should it not stopped provocative actions against territorial sovereignty of China over the Diaoyu island, and called for peaceful resolution of the dispute.

“China would go to any extent, even war, to expel Japan from the Diaoyu island in the East China sea”, Chinese Deputy Chief of Mission in Islamabad Huang Xilian said while giving briefing to Pakistani journalists about Beijing’s growing tension with Tokyo.

He said that amid mass protests across China against Japan, Beijing was still exercising restraint against Tokyo’s provocative actions defying the post-war order.

The escalating tension between two Far East Asian neighbours, has already hit their bilateral trade deteriorated China-Japan ties to the level of dampening bilateral trade.

Chinese diplomat said that Beijing has dispatched its surveillance ships to the disputed island as counter measures to ensure country’s territorial sovereignty, adding the Chinese government had already deposited coordinates and other maritime details about the Diaoyu island to the UN secretary general.

Seeking support from Pakistan and other friends, China has vowed to go to any extent, even war, to expel Japan from the Island “China is still exercising restraint against provocative actions of Japan defying the post-war order,” said the Chinese diplomat. He briefed the journalists at the Chinese Embassy over the gravity of the situation as mass protests were underway across China against Japan.

Public protests in China and measures taken by the Chinese government for the Island were meant to make Japan to comply with the post-war order.

According to the Chinese DCM in the capital, under the post-world-war-II order, Japan was to handover to China the “stolen” Island along other territorial adjustments.  As old as the first Sino-Japanese war in 1895, the dispute over the Island escalated earlier this month as Japan announced its purchase from a Japanese national and its consequent nationalisation.

Though the US was responsible for the Japanese defence in the post-war order, the Chinese diplomat said, the Americans were not taking sides in this conflict.

Rising tensions and worsening ties between two Asian economic giants with Japanese shutting down their plants in China are feared to impact not only the global economy but also geo-political scenario of the world.

Therefore, Huang reiterated the Chinese side strongly urges the Japanese side to immediately stop all actions that may undermine China’s territorial sovereignty. Japan should truly come back to the very understanding and common ground reached between the two sides and should return to the track of negotiated settlement of the dispute, he added.  “Should the Japanese side insist on its own way, it would have all serious consequences,” he warned.

To a question, he said, China always takes Pakistan as a closest friend. “Pakistan and China always support each other’s interest in all matters,” he made a hoping statement. Asked whether China wanted Pakistan or any other country for mediation, he said, “We want to go by the previous understanding with Japan to have a bilaterally negotiated settlement of the conflict.”