KARACHI - Strongly condemning the rise in rates of petroleum products second time in a month, Jamaat-e-Islami Sindh Ameer Asadullah Bhutto regretted hike in fuel prices, saying that it is increasing hunger and poverty.He said that rulers who rate themselves as champions of democracy were frequently targeted poor masses with ‘petrol bombs’. He said that poverty stricken people would further suffer from the hike in petroleum products prices, adding frequent fuel price raises are cruel steps and blemishes on the name of democracy.Bhutto said the rulers who had gained power with a slogan of bread, clothing and shelter are trying to bury alive the poor masses of Pakistan. He said all coalition parties and ‘friendly opposition’ were equally responsible for opening floodgates of poverty and price hike in Pakistan. He said it was futile to expect that the corrupt politicians would do any good for the country and its people. The JI leader demanded the government to withdraw the hike in the prices of petroleum products and also cut their royal expenses at the cost of taxpayers’ money.