Seeing the upcoming elections in US, we can observe the Republicans and Democrats trying to make fools of the innocent people of America, who hardly understand the mess that has been created by the strong Jewish lobby and CIA’s collaboration. This same group has ruined the American economy and made most people homeless and jobless in this country of prosperity, only to continue their own personal agenda. As a ritual, the nation will stand in queues before polling booths and one of the two contenders will be elected to promote neo-colonial agenda. In 2008, a strong female presidential candidate withdrew in favour of Barrack Obama, because a black President was more suitable to the changing needs of time and this strong candidate not only withdrew from the race but agreed to become a member of his cabinet. This strengthens our belief that US President is the ‘spokesperson’ of the CIA and all the tall claims of liberty, human rights and democracy are a farce. When President George Bush embarked on a policy of pre-emptive attacks with President Obama following suit, trying to assert their plan to dominate the world through ‘war on terror’, they not only stole the peace and comfort of the American people but also from the Iraqis, Afghans and Pakistanis.The whole plan was to colonise world’s richest natural and mineral resources of other nations by muscle. They waged wars and destroyed the countries and then sent in their own unpopular dictators in the name of democracy. Abraham Lincoln thought the best form of government was “Government of the people, for the people, and by the people” which has now been turned into “government off the people, far from the people, to buy the people” by the US stooges. Mr Romney, you are right! During last few years the democrats have destroyed the American dream of freedom, liberty and civil rights. In reality you are fulfilling the agenda of the enemies of peace, instead of spreading humanity and peace. Your dream of democracy and establishing rule of the people has come to a ghastly end and now the money Mafia and their stooges are ruling the roost instead of giving the American people a better life. Obama’s administration has ruined this dream and how will you change this, is a million dollar question? The time of the success of the US and the West appears to be over and now we will see the rise of China, Russia and Latin American countries as leaders in the world power.American democracy’s days seems to be over because no one of John F. Kennedy’s successors has taken a leaf from his book, the legacy of ‘freedom for all’. The world is not looking at America for hope or change for betterment and unfortunately we believe you will also not make any positive effort to change the destiny of American and save it from going back to the dark ages.Mr. Romney, let me be straight and honest in addressing this letter to you, as a student of international relations and history, I see no hope for the Democratic party leadership anymore, but the Republican Party knows the challenges staring them in the face, it has nominated you and Paul Ryan, who seems to a capable partner, who can help change the tide for the people of USA and the world.Ali Ashraf Khan, Lahore, September 11