LAHORE – Lawyers associations and bodies have urged the government to cut diplomatic relations with the US and other European counties in protest against the blasphemous movie named “Innocence of Muslims”.

The world is witnessing violent protests against the US for not taking action against the filmmaker Terri Jones.

Following a strike call of Pakistan Bar Council (PBC), legal fraternity of Punjab on Monday hold protest rallies and strongly condemned the profane movie.

Members of Lahore High Court Bar Association and Lahore Bar Association convened general house meetings and approved resolutions consensually condemning the act of making and uploading the movie.

The lawyers also demanded of the Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC) to register protest at international level and announce boycott of western countries.

They also urged the Pakistani government to expel the Americans from the country and stop the Nato supply routes.

Addressing the meeting, LHCBA President Shehram Sarwar said Zionists’ lobby was involved in the anti-Islam movie conspiracy. He regretted that rulers of Islamic countries did not take any forceful action against the perpetrators and remained silent.

After the meeting the Bar members marched towards The Mall and staged a protest demonstration at GPO Chowk.

A unanimous resolution was passed against the sacrilegious movie during the general house meeting of the LBA. The Bar announced that the copy of resolution would be sent to the UN secretary general, the US embassy and President Zardari.

Lawyers while addressing the sitting said making of such movies was nothing but to disturb peace at large. They said legal fraternity would not allow any individual to disrespect the Holy Prophet (PBUH). They demanded of the US government to take an immediate and stern action against the movie makers.

“Freedom of expression does not lie in campaigning hate and hurting sentiments of others,” lawyers added. They said legal community would take up this matter in International Court of Justice and would not let free the heinous conspirator.

Later, the LBA members also took out a rally from Aiwan-e-Adl and joined the main protest at GPO Chowk. The protesters chanted slogans against the US and the makers of the blasphemous movie.