GUJRANWALA - Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) President Nawaz Sharif on Monday said the rulers had ruined democracy in the country and predicted that the next six months would be quite important politically.

Addressing the party activists in Gujranwala, Nawaz said, “We were not allowed to work for the welfare of the people. Our leg was pulled,” while referring to his two previous terms as prime minister.

He said though, the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) was ruling the country for the fourth time but had done nothing for the country. The former prime minister said the nation was passing through testing times and the next six months would also be difficult.

He added that situation would not have reached to the current stage if those, who had violated the Constitution, were punished.

Nawaz said he had ordered the nuke tests for the sake of Pakistan without succumbing to international pressure. He said people knew the elements very well who made tall and fake claims, as he vowed that he would again work for the uplift of the country if came into power.

He recalled his government gave motorways and other projects during short period in power, but the PPP had nothing on its credit.

The PML-N chief regretted that said everyone had a responsibility to work for the country, something that the PPP government failed to deliver,

He was chagrined over numerous attempts to sabotage the Constitution of the Federation. “But let me assure all that during the coming six months, all would be visible , as to who exactly served the nation more effectively and progressively during the last 65 years”, he declared. He cautioned that the country was passing through severe crisis and challenges, while the government had gifted nothing to masses but load-shedding, unemployment and inflation. “The country has been transformed into a beggar, with sovereignty virtually on a fragile trail,” he regretted.

The PML-N chief said Pakistan required a strong leadership, who should be able to resist any foreign dictations. He also reminded the audience that his party had been resisted by negative elements twice, while it transformed the country into a nuclear power, resisting an offer of $.5 billion to quit nuclear program”, he elaborated.