Hatf-VII, a cruise missile from the Babur series with a 700km range, successfully test fired on Monday will add to the strength of our defence that faces a number of challenges. Developed indigenously, it is considered to be a formidable weapon for its accuracy that has been successfully tested time and again through various experimental launches. Though these are routine tests meant to upgrade the existing Babur missile system, they are necessary for the military to keep up with the Indian programme. It is right that Pakistan due to its geopolitical location is strong enough to deal with any contingency. But where the chaos in Afghanistan is also finding its way on our soil, the existential danger comes from India whose weapons system is Pakistan specific. It is equipping its forces with deadly weapons –nuclear submarines, ballistic and cruise missiles, – raising its defence budget at a pace that has led international observers to censure it for being war crazy. The scenario hence leaves no room for complacency. On the other hand, we must ensure that our reliance on traditional weapons is not a blinkered crutch. While missiles and such weapons are impressive and easily visible signs of strength, they are also costly. It is necessary in this day and age to think smart and fight smart. And that requires thinking beyond bigger guns.