ISLAMABAD – Transporters in the twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi overload the wagons and buses to make extra profits at the risk of life of the commuters.

According to details, students hang up at the doors of the buses while travelling on Murree Road, IJP Road, 9th avenue, Kashmir Highway and Islamabad Highway.

Due to rush, a large number of commuters end up sitting on the roofs. The scenario can give way to accidents and a consequent loss of precious lives. In addition, majority of the female commuters have got no choice other than to travel on foot as they seldom get a seat in the public transport.

The citizens have asked the authorities to take action against the transporters who overload their vehicles.

Meanwhile, the cars workshops established in residential areas of federal capital have become source of nuisance  for the residents.

The cars workshops situated in G-9, Karachi company I-9, G-7 have multiplied pollution in the areas due to which students, sick persons and residents are facing a lot of problem. According to capital Development authority (CDA) law no workshop of vehicles can be set up in the posh areas. To this effect, the residents demanded that these workshops be removed soon otherwise they would start protest demonstration against CDA.