KARACHI - Pakistan Navy started the 2012 edition of the annual Maritime Exercise SEASPARK-12 on Monday. The Exercise would take place in the general area North Arabian Sea. The Sea Spark Exercises are aimed at assessing the operational readiness and providing an opportunity to the officers and men to operate under multi-threat environment and exercise responses accordingly.

 The exercise would also provide impetus to Pakistan’s resolve of maintaining peace, security and stability in the region, which is so important for sustenance of daily life and economic activity in the world at large and Pakistan in particular.

These are permanent feature of Pakistan Navy’s operational calendar. The Exercise planning is based on manifestation of Chief of the Naval Staff’s declared strategic priorities of ‘Operational Readiness and Training’. All operational ships, Submarines, Aircraft, Marines, Special Forces and Establishments will participate to cover the entire gamut of Naval Operations.

Special emphasis is being laid to have the professional skills to deal with both traditional and non-traditional threats.

Opening Brief of the Exercise was held Monday morning at the PN Dockyard which was attended by Chief of the Naval Staff Admiral Mohammad Asif Sandila. Force Commanders presented their Plans during the Brief. Participating units of the Exercise, which also include elements/supporting units from PAF & Pakistan Army, have been divided into Blue and Orange forces which will be pitched against each other in specific threat environment.