Today the people of Karachi tried to carry out a peaceful protest against the  US, for a film defaming Islam. Unfortunately, the police and rangers did not allow them to get near the US consulate; instead they turned the protesters back by using tear gas, rubber bullets, water cannons and the all-time favorite; baton charge and finally opened fire on the crowd, killing two. In a couple of hours police dissipated the crowd but the news would be showing a fabricated story of how the ‘rioters’ were going to ‘bomb’ the consulate and how ‘crucial’ it was to use abrasive means to disperse the crowds. It is not amusing to see how scrupulously all those in authority are trying to save the consulate, as if it’s their holy place. More peculiar is how they let two people die after opening fire on the unarmed crowd which threw stones at the police. No one killed anyone when the US ambassador was killed in Libyan. The law agencies were unable to kill their own people. But in Pakistan we saw the loss of life and property to save the American consulate, and to what end, world peace or peace in Pakistan?MUJTABA SOHAIL RAJA, Karachi, September 16.