LAHORE – Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif said on Monday the police was responsible for maintenance of law and order in the society and no laxity would be tolerated in this regard.

Presiding over a high level meeting to review the law and order situation in the province, Shahbaz said he was personally monitoring the law and order situation in Lahore as well as the whole province. “All necessary resources have been provided to police and now they should improve their performance,” he maintained.

The chief minister warned strict action would be taken if any case of extortion or bribery came to his notice. He also directed that the process of recruitment of 4000 ex-servicemen in police should be completed within two weeks.

The chief minister was given a detailed briefing on the law and order situation in the provincial metropolis as well as the whole province. Addressing the meeting, the Shahbaz said show of performance only through statistics was not sufficient as the police would have to serve as the servants of the people in the real sense for curbing the crime.

He said the general impression of the people about the police would have to be changed since the masses are the best judge of the efficiency of police. He said police should perform its duty of protection of life and property of the citizens in an efficient manner.

Also, Senior Vice President Jamiat-e-Ulema Pakistan Shah Muhammad Awais Noorani called on Shahbaz Sharif on Monday. The overall political situation of the country, the issue of caretaker prime minister and other matters of mutual interest came under discussion during the meeting.

Also, Shahbaz Sharif presided over a high level meeting to review the pace of the project of setting up the Punjab Police Integrated Command and Control Centre.

The chief minister said the centre’s establishment would help in controlling the incidents of crime and terrorism. He said this project was of vital importance in the launching of prompt relief activities in case of any accident and effective monitoring of police performance; therefore, there should not be any delay in its execution.

Meanwhile, Shahbaz Sharif said on Monday that no society could survive without predominance of law and justice. He said access to justice was the right of every person and provision of justice to the people without any discrimination was the responsibility of the state.

He said the provision of immediate and cheap justice and solution to the problems of the people was his mission for which all out resources were being used. The chief minister, while issuing orders for the arrest of accused involved in various incidents of murders within a week, said strict action would be taken against police officers showing negligence in this regard. MNA Pervaiz Malik, IGP Haji Habibur Rehman and police officers of concerned districts were also present on the occasion.