LAHORE – Former first-class cricketer Tahir Shah said that Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) is actually a Political Cricket Board as political interference is the main reason behind the game’s decline across the country. Talking to the TheNation here on Monday, Tahir Shah said: “The incompetent PCB officials, who are getting huge salaries and perks are responsible for the fast declining cricket at domestic and club levels. They prefer to stay in their offices and are unaware of issues and problems being faced by the club owners and cricket organisers. They hand over most of the regional and zonal matters to regional officials which are promoting favourtism and nepotism culture at regional level. Most of the regional officials are misusing their powers and destroying the game by giving favour to their blue-eyed and depriving the deserving players of their due rights.” He said that an independent committee should be formed to keep check and balance on the senior PCB and regional officials to stop wrongdoings. There is no need to have scrutiny of the clubs as the organisers are running their clubs through their own resources.” He said that PCB governing board should be independent body and having powers to take the board officials to task.  “There must be an independent PCB governing board comprising two members each from Punjab and Sindh and one each from Balochistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.  It should be empowered to take the corrupt PCB officials to task and award exemplary punishments to the culprits so that no one after them may dare to think so.” He said that in 1987, only 17 officials were running the board effectively and they hosted an international event in their era in a befitting manner. But now, the number of board’s workers is more than 700 which is too much. “Almost 700 officials and workers are working in the board and most of them are doing nothing but just wasting the national wealth while on the other hand, the board is announced 700 million deficit budget for the current fiscal year due to financial crisis.”Tahir Shah said that board should adopt austerity measures to cut its deficit and sack unnecessary officers to save the national exchequer. “It is dire need of the hour that honest officials should be empowered to curb the corruption in the regions that is  vital for cricket boost in the country,” Tahir concluded.