KARACHI - Sindh Taraqi Passand Party chief Dr Qadir Magsi alleged on Monday that the elements, who perpetrated the May-12, 2007 tragedy and Ashura bombing, were behind the fire that swept through a garment factory in Baldia Town and killed over 250 labourers.Addressing a news conference at the Press Club, the nationalist leader called for a judicial inquiry into the garment factory inferno under senior judges of the apex and high courts. He expressed profound grief over the loss of precious lives of labourers in the blaze, and said that those responsible for the mishap be penalised.“The elements who orchestrated the May-12, 2007 mayhem upon the arrival of Chief Justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry in Karachi during the movement for the reinstatement of the judiciary, and the Ashura bombing were behind the factory fire tragedy,” the STPP said but did not give the name of any group. Magsi also said that the inferno incident was a pre-meditated action aimed to fail the shutter-down strike called by the nationalists and other groups against the Sindh People’s Local Government Ordinance 2012.Branding the new law as an attempt to wreck the unity of Sindh, the nationalist leader said that the one-unit had been imposed in Karachi by abolishing the role of the districts for municipal services. “The people of Sindh would never accept such a draconian law and resist with full might. The people will protest at every level. We can lay down our lives if the ordinance is not withdrawn,” asserted the STPP chief. Magsi made clear to the ruling PPP that the people would not let local government system to be run under the un-constitutional and illegal ordinance. He argued that the Constitution set out that the provincial subjects, such as revenue, health, education, police and host of others, could not be transferred to municipal authorities. “The constitution allows the devolution of only municipal functions to the local governments.” He also snubbed the PPP ministers who supported the local govt ordinance, and called them traitors. He announced to break all social contacts with them, saying the PPP always betrayed the Sindhi people.