ISLAMABAD - Though National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) is not performing its duty as it was supposed to but in most of inundated areas, the farmers will get benefit of devastated rain spell in the country.

As per exclusive details taken from the farmers’ representative in different areas, rains have not damaged the crops a lot rather most of the crops have benefited from these rains.

It was learnt that NDMA was supposed to build temporary water stoppage walls at different locations, de-silting in some main channels but these works have not been done by the authority that ultimately caused the masses suffer.

As far as the rains effect is concerned in terms of crops that was observed overall positive throughout the country with partial loss to crops in some areas. The experts and farmers expressed that rice and sugarcane hopefully would get benefit of these rains. Especially they said that due to rains a disease named Pirella was controlled naturally that required pesticide spray.

Experts also said that impression of loss of crops in the country must not be given as that allows the black marketers to exploit and mint money by stocking product and creating artificial shortage in the market.

It was also learnt that cotton crop was also not under threat and rains controlled a lethal disease of cotton that was expected to damage the crop on large scale. The disease called “white fly” had attacked the cotton crop on early stage and rains have eliminated that pest that will ultimately increase the production.

It is worth mentioning here that country could not achieve cotton cultivation area target of 8 million acres, however rains could not hold responsible for it.

On the other hand, experts are of the view that if the rains continue in the next days that can prove disastrous for the crops

It is worth mentioning here that the long-term solution to the floods is constructing big and small dams in the different areas of the country and during that process it is needed to carry on maintenance work to reduce the losses occurred due to flood as much as possible.

The major loss that has been reported suffered by the masses and the country overall is structural loss, human lives and livestock.