WARBURTON - The tug-of-war has been started among the expected PML-N candidates for both the national and provincial assemblies NA-136 and PP-173.

Reportedly, sitting PML-N MNA Bilal Ahmad Virk who has won twice from NA-136, is being considered a strong candidate in the constituency. On the other hand, he is the son-in- law of Federal Minister Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan Affairs Manzoor Ahmed Wattoo who is a national level leader of the Pakistan People’s Party. Now, Arif Khan Sandheela has announced to be the PML-N candidate from NA-136 on behalf of PML-N Chief Muhammad Nawaz Sharif. Arif Khan Sandheela is the relative of Naval Chief Muhammad Asif Sandheela and a resident of Mehmoon Wali district Sheikhupura. Similarly, Kashif Rang Elahi Padhiar has claimed to be the PML-N expected candidate for PP-173 with Bilal Ahmad Virk for the national assembly constituency. While on the other hand, Sheikh Jameel Ahmad Narag has also publicized himself as the strong candidate of the party for the Punjab Assembly with Arif Khan Sandheela for the National Assembly.

Both the duos of the expected candidates for NA-136 and PP-173 have started their publicity campaigns by installation of huge hoardings, wall chalking and distribution of handbills and pamphlets among the voters and supporters of the constituencies.

This phenomenon has caused a visible split among the local PML-N officer-bearers and supporters. Rana Babar Khan, Ahmad Ali Shehzad, Dilshad Ahmad Khara, Tariq Mehmood Araeen, Babar Shooka, Shoaib Bajaj, Sheikh Sarfraz, Sheikh Nadeem are supporting Bilal Virk while PML-N Warburton President Muhammad Yousaf Chohan, Ch Muhammad Ilyas, Ch Pervaiz, Javed Sandheela, Rana Zafar Iqbal, Shaukat Ali Sindhu, Ch Jahangir, Muhammad Amjad Narag have been lined up with Arif Khan Sandheela.

On the other hand, this tug-of-war and subsequent split among the PML-N leaders have led to the strengthening of PTI in the constituency.