MULTAN/ BAHAWALNAGAR/HAFIZABAD/TOBA TEK SINGH - The protest against blasphemous film continued here on Monday as the activists of Islami Jamiat Talaba (IJT) staged a rally while the lawyers observed complete strike.Dozens of IJT activists assembled at Government Emerson College and marched up to Bosan Road. They carried out non-stop sloganeering against USA and burnt American and Israeli Flags. The protesters said that the followers of Satan badly hurt the sentiments of Muslims. They asked the Muslims world over to recognize and understand the designs as well as conspiracies of the enemies of Islam. They further asked the government to cut diplomatic ties with USA.On the other hand, the black coats observed complete strike, brought out rallies from district and high court bars and held protest meetings. The members of district bar marched between district bar hall and Chowk Kachehri and shouted slogans against USA and Israel. They burnt the effigy of American president Obama and US flags. Similarly, the members of High Court Bar rallied up to SP Chowk under the leadership of Mahmood Ashraf Khan. They said that all anti-Islam elements had united on one platform and it was high time that the Muslim Ummah should get united.BAHAWALNAGAR, a complete shutter-down strike was observed here against anti-Islam film made by a Jew and American Pastor. As per details, a complete shutter-down strike was observed by the traders and students of religious seminaries while lawyers also observed a strike to express their anger against the desecration of Islam and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) through the release of an anti-Islam film.Hundreds of protesters marched through the main roads of the town and gathered at Rafiq Shah Chowk, where speakers strongly condemned the regretful act by anti-Islam forces. Speakers including Allah Yar Ashrafi and Aneesur Rehman Gillani said that Muslims always ready to Sacrifices their lives to preserve the honour and dignity of Islam and Holy Prophet (PBUH). They said that nefarious designs of anti-Islam elements to damage the identity of Islam would be foiled at all costs. Meanwhile, the District Bar Association Bahawalnagar also observed a complete strike and adopted a condemn resolution against the blasphemous movie. Meanwhile, the members of Bahawalnagar Press Club, Electronic Media Association and Journalist Union also took to street and staged demo at Rafiq Shah Chowk to express their resentment against the sacrilegious movie which they said had jeopardised the world peace.TOBA TEK SINGH, students took out rallies to condemn the blasphemous movie made to desecrate Islam and holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).Both the rallies participated in by students of government postgraduate college were separately led by MSF (Nawaz) district president Rizwan Azhar Naz and Insaf students federation president Muhammad Qadeer while rally of students of government college of commerce was led by Hafiz Ihsanul Haq.The participants of the rallies reached railway level crossing Chowk where traffic remained blocked for one hour.HAFIZABAD, activists of different religious parties and student organisations brought out rallies against the profane movie and called upon the Muslim Ummah to devise joint strategy to teach a lesson to the infidels who were hell bent on injuring the religious sentiments of Muslims by committing such sacrilegious acts. The protesters included activists of Tehreek-e-Insaf Students Federation and students of different schools and colleges were holding banners and placards and chanting anti-US and Israeli slogans. They condemned the US and Zionists imperialists for provoking the religious sentiments of the Muslims in the world.