Shall Asad go or stay, is not my concern, but the suffering of Syrian Muslims at the hands of their fellow Muslims haunts me. This reminds me of the battle of ‘Jamal’ which served as a death blow to the unity, effectiveness and credibility of Muslims, and the fight for Damascus has similar consequence. I personally believe that the changes in Syria will be the end of a beginning. It will be a beginning that will twist the map of Middle East and have far reaching consequences for all the Muslim nations. If Asad is toppled, then Iran may be the next target and Israel will come under fire from Hezbollah and the retaliation of Nuclear-laden Jews can be horrific. On the other hand, Shia alliance will incite uprising in Bahrain and eventually these flames will enter the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.Let Muslims and only Muslims decide the fate of Syria, neither the Kremlin, nor White House but OIC can be, and would be, an apt forum for hammering out a solution to the Syria problem.M.QEEDAR JAN, Lahore, September 16.