LAHORE - Punjab Governor, Ch Muhammad Sarwar on Tuesday urged the international community to come out of its ‘do more’ mantra and recognise Pakistan’s proactive role in curbing terrorism instead.

Talking to a delegation from Pakistan Navy War College at the Governor House, the governor said Pakistan Army and its people had rendered great sacrifices for establishment of peace in the world.

He stressed that Pakistan’s geo-strategic position was such that it was impossible to establish durable peace in the region without respecting its sovereignty. 

Governor Sarwar affirmed that some international actors were also responsible for the current challenges facing the country. These elements, he added, did not want to see a stable Pakistan, but they would have to eat a humble pie as it would soon emerge as the fastest growing economy in the world.

He said Pakistan was a peace loving country which wanted to maintain friendly relations with all countries including the neighbouring India.

On negotiations with Taliban, Sarwar said Pakistan wanted the USA to assume the same role it played during peace negotiations between IRA and Great Britain over the Irish crisis.

The delegation also included officers from Malaysia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Turkey, Jordon and Oman.