MULTAN - The uniquely aromatic and tasty Pakistani mangoes have started decorating lucrative super markets, a development that mango exporters see as a window of opportunity to penetrate high end markets around the world to earn mango dollars. A consignment of 60 ton mango, the Chaunsa variety, has reached Wall Mart, an international fame super market in London from a mango farm in Shujabad, the farm owner and senior member of MCCI, Fareed Khakwani told.

“I feel happy to be among those who sent mangoes to one of high-end markets like Wall Mart super store,” Khakwani said. “It was proof of unmatchable quality of exotic Pakistani mango. It will pave the way for entry of our mangoes to other super stores or super markets in London and other big cities of the world,” he added. “A big super store of Malaysia, Econo Save, has contacted us for mangoes and hopefully mangoes would also be decorating shelves of Malaysian super stores soon,” he said. Khakwani said that cost of sending consignments to London or other European cities by air was high. Mango growers and exporters are now preparing a programme with help from USAID to send mango consignments by the sea route that would reduce transportation expenses by over 60 per cent, he added.