The Balochistan Home and Tribal Affairs Department’s recent report revealed that 592 mutilated bodies have been recovered in the last three years in different parts of the Balochistan. The report was disheartening for the Baloch nationalist political parties as it contrasts with what the majority Baloch nationalist parties and the local non-governmental organizations believe that the number of bullet-riddled bodies is more than 800.

Among the most active of these non-governmental organizations are the ‘Voice for Baloch Missing Person’ (VBMP) which concludes that more than 800 bullet-riddled bodies have been recovered in the last three years including mostly bodies of Baloch political activists. While the number of missing persons, according to VBMP, exceeds 15,000 which the government confuses with 50 to 100.

When it comes to investigation into recovery of dead bodies or missing persons, the government is often seen with hollow words which have doubled the grief of those families waiting for their beloved to return. However, the families of the victims are confident about the new governments, but no practical efforts have been seen from the government to keep their hope alive. Practical actions are needed on both sides, provincial and federal, in order to restore peace in the province.


Turbat, September 13.