The Jamaat-e-Islami Punjab Ameer said that inflation, unemployment and loadshedding have made the life of the poor very miserable, adding that corruption was weakening the national economy.

Dr Syed Wasim Akhtar further said that in the last three months, daily use commodities' prices have escalated from 15 percent to 35pc.

He said, "If our leaders cut their expenses, bring back their money deposited in the foreign banks and correct the tax system, the country will not need loans from international financial institutions.

Unfortunately, attempts are being made to run the country by taking loans from the IM. Therefore, the prices of electricity, gas and petroleum products have been increased on the IMF's orders. Interest on loans is being paid by getting more loans," he said.

"The IMF provided 6 billion dollar loan during a period of November 1980 to October 2008 while from 2008 to 2013, loans of 18 billion dollars were acquired from the IMF. Interest system has diminished the economic condition of the country," he added. He said that those voted for the PML-N were disappointed with the party's performance, adding that the impression that only faces change but system remains the same was gaining popularity.

He said that Rs12 billion corruption on daily basis in the country was weakening the economy while the NAB chairman had not been appointed yet. Commission mafia is active and people have to pay bribes for their legal works, he said and maintained that people were already in grave condition and the current government's policies have turned the situation from bad to worse. The number of suicides has increased dangerously. He stressed the need for devising policies to benefit the common public.

Shining student denied scholarship: An intermediate student who passed the matric and middle examinations with distinction despite suffering from Thalassaemia has been deprived of scholarship.

Muhammad Sajid Riaz, a resident of Muhallah Shikhari, Ahmadpur East, along with his teacher Muhammad Anwar Rajpoot said that he had passed the middle examination from Government Fazil High School with 628 marks in first division and the matriculation examination from the same school by obtaining 846 marks out of 1,050. He said that he had submitted an application for scholarship but he had not been awarded with scholarship.

Sajid, who is now a student of Intermediate at Government Sadiq Abbas Degree College, said that he was a patient of thalassemia from the childhood while his mother and sister had died of the the same disease. He said that he wanted to become a doctor. He demanded that the Punjab chief minister should support him financially to acquire higher education.

GTS Traffic Building opens: The GTS Traffic Sector Building constructed under public-private partnership at Sarwala Rajbah Road costing Rs2 million was inaugurated on Saturday.

It was opened by DCO Najam Ahmad Shah. CTO, Imran Kishwar, Sponsor of the Project Zafar Riaz Bari and others were also present. Talking to newsmen on the occasion, the DCO said the provision of civil facilities was need of the city and it was on top priority of the district administration.

He added that the city roads are being widened under a planned traffic management program and considerable improvement in the service-delivery of government departments is being made transparent. He was confident that with the introduction of latest traffic system, there would be lot of improvement in the city traffic operational system. CTO Imran Kishwar said that the Faisalabad Traffic Police was taking drastic steps for improvement of the traffic system.