Those responsible for killing Maj Gen Sanaullah and other brave soldiers in Upper Dir, or the two uniformed policemen in Karachi challenged writ of state and must be taught a lesson. We need to learn some lessons on how others have reacted, when they face threats of terrorism, far lesser in gravity, than the above two incidents.

Killing a uniformed officer in USA is considered a federal offence and all resources of state are used to arrest the murderers, dead or alive at any cost, because this directly challenge the state’s authority. The whole of Boston was put under 72 hour curfew, and a house to house search carried out to arrest the two bombers, who planted a bomb during Boston Marathon. It would have delivered a strong message to the criminals and terrorists in Karachi, who were involved in killing two on-duty police officers, if half or even whole of this city were put under curfew and a house to house search had been launched to arrest the killers, dead or alive.

Similarly whatever the decision taken by APC headed by PM, the full might of the state should be used to teach a lesson to those who have accepted responsibility for killing uniformed soldiers of Pakistan Army. The late General Sanaullah was visiting posts in what is part of Pakistan and only enemies of this country could have done this brutal act. Negotiations with disgruntled and misled members of various groups who are involved in terrorism should be carried out, but those who challenge the writ of state must be made to pay back, otherwise there is no way state sovereignty can be protected, or terrorism combated by our valiant troops.

We owe it to brave sons of this country who died with their boots on, to punish their murders, irrespective of their political affiliations or distorted ideological perceptions of religion.


Lahore, September 16.