LAHORE - The students of Shalimar Town Institute of Special Children joined the Lahore Waste Management Company (LWMC) officials for a dengue awareness drive in the China Scheme area.

The LWMC, in the wake of dengue danger, is already putting up maximum efforts in terms of maintaining cleanliness, clearance of open plots from all kinds of solid waste and organising mass awareness activities in the city.

The anti dengue drive was led by the area MPA Chaudhry Shahbaz, Shalimar Town Assistant Commissioner Asim Saleem, LWMC’s Communication Manager Memoona Arslan and Operation Manager Asif Iqbal. The drive was followed by hundreds of students, teachers and staff from many area and out of area schools.

The walk participants camped at a local marriage hall and distributed awareness material. They stressed the need of keeping surroundings clean and waste free to avoid various diseases including dengue.

They also briefed the passersby on adopting various precautionary measures to defeat dengue.

The special children were the focus of the activity who gave very loud message to the society that if they can understand the importance of cleanliness, why cannot everyone else?

MPA Chaudhry Shahbaz has requested the area locals to play the part of responsive citizens by avoiding littering and dumping waste in open grounds and plots.

“We cannot blame government all the time as residents have their own part to play in all matters. It is high time to realise responsibilities and act sensibly by maintaining clean surroundings”, he said.

Eelier, the LWMC had deployed more than 500 workers and machinery of Albayrak to give the area a waste free look.

In that operation, almost 50 open plots were cleared of waste. Mechanical sweepers, dumpers and compactors were used to clean the area and transport waste from area to dumping site. Further, the company officials thanked all the participating institutions and have made an appeal for citizens to call helpline 1139 for any kind of assistance in waste related issues.