FLORIDA: A normal day of fishing went awry for two Bahamian men after their boat capsized. Helpless, two men clung to the boat's hulls for eight days.

A passing freighter spotted the men clinging to the overturned boat. It is believed that had they not been spotted, the men would have died. 'They were really exposed and really deteriorating quicky,' Coast Guard rescue swimmer Kyle Stallings said to The Sun Sentinel.

Stallings also said the victims were completely waterlogged when found. He said their skin was deteriorating and their eyes were drooping. 'They were both in tears. You could tell they were on their last straw of hope,' Stallings said.

The victims' names were not released on Saturday. They are reportedly 56 and 57 years old. The freighter that spotted the two stranded men contacted the US Coast Guard. It authorized the launch of an MH-65 rescue helicopter from Air Station Miami, WPTV reports.–DM