Our mostly damaged political institutions which should be helping in the evolution of democracy are continuously under threat by their own uneducated and unethical player’s i.e. the politicians, rather than any other factor. The reasons should be made clear to the public so that they can be the judges, as democracy is rule by the people, for the people and of the people.

Our corrupt electoral system is still letting in people who should not be at the helm of affairs. The media on the other hand is exposing all the corruption, forcing the elected elite to malign the media in return. It has turned into a war of the Titans! The incompetent, mentally non democratic and so-called politicians see it as derailing of democracy and confuse the people on a variety of issues.

The common people play a vital role of front line in establishment of a democratic society. Unfortunately, in Pakistan democratic governments always hesitate in devolution of power. Local government system works multi-dimensionally to overcome the problems, improving civic facilities and sense of participation in ruling system. By practicing it, no one has to save democracy as the people have a stake in it and will do it themselves.

The gulf of distrust between ruling class and public is another political weak point. Unbalanced power structure of state institutions also urges the non political figures to derail the power thrones in the country. If we want to see Pakistan as a strong democratic country we must first educate our masses and only then can true democracy emerge triumphed!


Lahore, September 16.