Rawalpindi - The Punjab government has imposed complete ban on the import, sale and purchase of injections used as an artificial mean to extract additional milk from the cows and buffalos with the immediate effect.

Strict action would be taken against those infringing the ban under the relevant laws, said a public awareness message appeared in section of the media here on Thursday. All licences and registration of the contractors for sale, supply or import of hormonal injections have also been cancelled with the immediate effect.

Enlightening the masses regarding the negative impacts of administering injections, it stated that such activity had been causing imbalance of hormones amongst the in-takers of such milk.

It consequently had been increasing the incidences of cancer among the in-takers and animals which are administered such injections. It had also been causing pre-mature attainment of puberty among the children, it added.

The activity of administration of such injections on the milking animals had been on rampant for the last 16 years.