“You will be a doctor” a statement that has put many under a dilemma, where one is left with no option but to pursue a career that is practically not possible for everyone, not because they are any less capable but only because of the situation manipulated for generating money.

Every year thousands of students from all across the country apply for medical colleges and for entry are subjected through an entrance test. A test that actually nullifies your four years of education and in two hours you have to prove your eligibility for the entrance in medical college. The question arises are four years of examination not enough that we have to put students through another test? A test where enormous number of applications is received that creates massive revenue; and minimum criteria that is practiced for applying is 60%. For a student who couldn’t score better than 60% in four years, it is impossible for him/her to get through this level of test and compete with ones with 90%. The point is that it is not feasible, or even if it is, the probability is very low, however such a minimum criteria calls for a great number of applications that ultimately leads to more money.

Moreover academy preparation system is exploiting the condition even more cunningly. Above all the number of institutions for medical is very scarce, which gives rise to elevated competition and completely bashes morale and careers of countless students every year. Doctors are evidently in demand, but institutions for producing doctors are not sufficient and authorities are not paying heed to the fact. Moreover the major reason behind all this is lack of scenario planning; only a well planned and well implemented system can abolish the chaotic disaster of losing talented students. There stands no point of having an entry test for any institution and if there is then there is no point for four years of examination, one has to raise their voice to stop misuse of the deliberately created circumstances and not let those benefitting, play havoc with our future generation. Number of colleges for medical should be increased and work should be done on this aspect.

The youth of Pakistan calls upon all the leaders and authorities to this issue for this is the time when youth needs them and they have to pay back all the support they seek from youngsters to get into positions in which they are, apparently for constructing more issues rather than addressing them.


Rawalpindi, August 31.