Islamabad - The federal capital requires a multi-dimensional approach with creative solutions to successfully address its emerging parking issues due to enhanced commercial areas and influx of rural population in search of better life.

Through this approach, by engaging independent interested parties to build operate and transfer basis, this ever increasing problem could be rationally addressed to meet the future requirements, besides generating huge business activity.

The volunteers, especially among traders community, a major stakeholder, can easily be motivated for the purpose.

Talking to this agency, President Islamabad Chamber of Commerce, Muzamil Hussain Sabri said that the traders have some very productive solutions to the issue and were ready to invest their money and time if concerned authorities would give a space to work out.

He said the traders are well conscious of the issue as it was affecting their business and they were exploring the parking lots to construct multi-stories parking with the consent of Capital Development Authority.

The problem is not limited to commercial areas only but schools, hospitals and even other institutions and multi-pronged approach was vital to tackle the issue for a comprehensive solution to meet future requirements.

“Parking is more difficult than the actual assignment; you will have to keep in mind the car theft if your vehicle is unattended or parked far away from your activity area” said a visitor Khurram at Blue Area.

The schools especially in private sectors are located in the middle of the city’s main sectors and space inside any of the school for parking vehicles is unavailable.

The people have to face a traffic mess daily outside these schools during opening and closing times as they just have no other option except to pick and drop the students on road.