LAHORE: Knitting an alliance against the PML-N, different factions of Muslim Leagues have the backing of the “Establishment”, it has been learnt. Some of the Leaguers part told The Nation on Thursday the political action to unify various factions of the Leagues has the backing of certain quarters of the Establishment. However they fail to respond to what is the interest of the Establishment in this move and which certain quarters are they referring to.

About the target of this possible alliance, they said the coalition would first gather all Muslim Leaguers on a single platform including the estranged leaders of the PML-N excluding its high command. In the second phase the unified Leaguers would reach other likeminded leaders and in the third, launch a campaign to dislodge the government.

Members of a powerful quarter of establishment in background interviews termed the claim of some Muslim Leaguers “hilarious” based on the wishful thinking. “Why should we support, what is our interest? It is not our domain. Politicians should not drag us in their dirty business. We are not backing anyone and will not do such thing ever.”

Politicians if do their part honesty and with sincerity they may not fear any replacing forces. Chaudharys of Gujrat heading Pakistan Muslim League-Q, Pir of Pagaro chief of Pakistan Muslim League-F and Pervez Musharraf leading All Pakistan Muslim League are the major stakeholders in this regard. The efforts have been accelerated in February this year after a meeting at the residence of Musharraf.

The Leaguers who have joined in include Sardar Zulfikar Khosa of PML-N, Hamid Nasir Chattah head of Pakistan Muslim League-J, Sardar Attique Khan chief of Muslim Conference Azad Jammu Kashmir, Naeem Hussain Chattah, Pakistan Muslim League-Council and Ghous Ali Shah.

The leaders of various factions of Muslim League decided in the last meeting held at the residence of Zulfikar Khosa to contact other factions of the Muslim Leagues including Ijazul Haq’s Pakistan Muslim League-Z and Sheikh Rasheed’s Awami Muslim League, besides estranged leaders of PML-N the ruling faction of the Muslim League.

Sheikh Rasheed when contacted said, “I am partner of Imran Khan and I have no interest in the plan. I don’t see success in this plan.” He insisted: I have chosen my side and I would stick to my position till last. Ijazul Haq said, “I am not interested in the plan of few factions of the Muslim Leaguers. Ghous Ali Shah met me sometime back to invite me for a meeting in Karachi but I politely refused by saying I am not interested.” 

Ijaz said, “There are too many Chaudharys and bigwig leaders in these factions who would not be able to decide who would lead. I don’t see future of this political action. They just want to make themselves politically significant.”