If Reckitt Benckiser could be fined by CCP for deceptive ads regarding one of its floor cleaning product for claiming above board efficiency, and as we asked before why can’t the politicians and political parties be fined for not keeping their promises as per their manifestos this should also come under deceptive marketing.

Now let me mention 2 ads: a) Pepsi which shows Fawad Khan, the new Pakistani entry to Bollywood, drinking and promoting sugar filled PEPSI while being a diabetic himself and b) Wasim Akram being a known diabetic eating cakes and other sweet products made with Milk Pak creams. Now everyone knows that regular carbonated drinks are filled with sugar like anything and cream is used to make sweets unless you mention it’s a low sweet or a product specially made for diabetics.

First it is immoral for these two stars to appear in this act as they cannot themselves consume these products, this is also a case of deceptive marketing.


Karachi, August 22.