NOWSHERA - Federally Administered Tribal Areas should be made part of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan said yesterday. He, however, suggested the federal cabinet consult with the local chieftains.

The PTI has been in power in KP since 2013. Khan insisted that a separate province for Fata was unviable because a new province could not be made near the border.

“The people of Fata should be given the opportunity to become part of Pakistan and be given their rights,” Khan demanded during a media talk.

“The (federal) cabinet would have to consult with Fata leaders, elders and experts on the matter to reach a consensus on the issue, and discuss how the “old British system” could be done away with” the PTI chief said.

The former cricket star spelled out Kissan Package as an electioneering gimmick, saying that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s package for small farmers was the “biggest pre-poll rigging”.

“If he wanted to announce a package, why didn’t he put it in the budget? It is gimmickry to say that the province will pay for half the cost of fertiliser. The province doesn’t have any money. It has been dispersed already, so how can they pay for it? If he was sincere about the package, he would have announced a relief package when the budget came out.”

He also lashed out at the Election Commission of Pakistan. “Why did they not allow us to campaign for NA-122 by-polls?” he asked.

Khan said: “When you go after money used to finance terrorism, money collected through corruption goes alongside it.”

Referring to the PPP, the PTI chief said, “They’re telling them to hold off and exerting pressure on Nawaz, who is telling his ministers to go easy on them. The masses want accountability from the corrupt people, who are looting this country and buying Rs4.3 billion property in Dubai in just two years.”

“I only took action against Ziaullah Afridi after he started hurling accusations at everyone in the party and blackmailing them,” he said.

“If there were corruption charges against him, he should have come forward with them. This is just like Zardari and Nawaz, they both accuse each other of being corrupt. This is not the way things are done in a democracy,” Khan said, adding that Afridi’s duty was to clear his own name. “This happens in KP because our NAB is free and won’t spare anyone,” he explained.

The major opposition PPP has been at loggerheads with the ruling PML-N after its senior leaders have been facing trial courts on the charges of corruption and terrorism.

Khan called Zardari-Nawaz confrontation a ‘good omen’ for the country. “It is a great thing that this friendship is coming to an end as Zardari sits in Dubai,” Imran said, adding that “the pressure is now on PM Nawaz.”