A: These private school kids really are angry-rather their parents are. They have brought out the big guns. I don’t think they will take anything less than the decrease in fees of these schools. I actually think that they are fighting a lost cause. Parents cannot win this fight with private schools, because they themselves gave them the power to do anything they wanted. I mean, you are so obsessed with getting into these ‘branded’ schools, even though they are no better than one that might be considered mediocre.

S: I completely disagree. I think, the parents have no other choice as well. They always strive to provide the best that they can, and private schools really do open up more opportunities. True, that some of them really do not teach, and take exorbitant amount of money, because of their name. However, having said that, they really do not have any right to, without any notice or justification increase fees. These are hardworking parents, where everyone is not that rich. And giving them the ultimatum of either paying or packing is ridiculous. Nobody gave them that much power. Not the parents who are paying them, nor the government.

A: If they have such a problem with these schools, they should leave. Why not? I see students from unequal backgrounds, competing for the same jobs and universities, and often the less ‘privileged’ one does win.

S: That might be one in a pool of students. But even if you deny it, the fact remains that a more recognised school does increase your social capital. That’s how it is. No matter how unfair it may sound.