Over 700 girl students and their teachers have been suffering serious health hazards for years due to the unpleasant odour of drain that passes through Govt Girls High School Malkey Kalan.

The students said that they were unable to take fresh breath there and ill-smell rising from the Nullah, as most of the tanneries and factories drain out their chemicalized water in it. Thus, environmental pollution has already gripped the area. The Nullah is uncovered due to which the environmental pollution was creating health hazards for the students and their teachers.

The students said, “We have no chance to take a fresh breath while getting education at the school. We often feel suffocation while sitting in the classrooms. We feel like vomiting all the time during our stay in the school. In addition, the heaps of trash along the Nullah in the school limits are also causing large scale environmental pollution there, they said. Most of the students complained that they had been suffering from headache due to the uncontrolled ill smell.

The school students and teachers said that they were unable to study and teach due to suffocation and ill smell caused by the trash. The try to get rid of the ill smell by using incense sticks in the classrooms.

Social worker Malik Akbar said that the situation had already been brought to the notice of Punjab government and district administration but to no avail.

He said that the uncovered drain passes through the ground of the school. It creates severe environmental pollution due to having chemicalised water, he added. He said that the Nullah does not have the boundary walls due to which small students could fall into the Naullah.

Local people said that the Nullah should immediately be covered or the school be shifted to any other place to save the students and their teachers from health hazards.

Meanwhile, the school students and their parents strongly protested against this miserable situation, saying that the officials concerned have turned a blind eye to the matter.

Their parents demanded immediate medical checkup of all the students and their students in the school.

District Coordination Officer Dr Asif visited the school and inspected the situation. He directed the officials to cover the Nullah. He also directed District Monitoring Officer Aamir Raza to ensure the retrieving of 1.5 kanals of land of the school, which was lying occupied by land mafia.

He ordered early construction of boundary walls of the school. He directed the DMO to take serious notice of the critical situation to save the students and teachers.