Director General Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR), Major General Asim Bajwa has claimed that the Peshawar base attackers were prevented from reaching their real target. He was addressing a press conference following the attack on Badaber Airbase.

“The terrorists were in constabulary uniforms. They stopped the car near the gate. After entering inside they divided into two groups,” Bajwa said adding that, “One group went to the mosque and the administration block, where they targeted vulnerable citizens who were busy in praying and ablution. The other group went to the technical block but was engulfed by the forces within the 50 meters inside the base” he added

He further added that the terrorists came from Afghanistan and were 13 to 14 in numbers. The Special Services Group (SSG) reached the base within 30 minutes and killed the terrorists, Bajwa revealed.

While answering the questions, the DG ISPR said: “Following the attack, a research operation was conducted in the area for nine hours,” He added that sympathizers of the terrorists will not be forgiven.

When asked about the militants being familiar with the airbase, he claimed that it was possible that the attackers were aware of the mosque’s location and the time of Fajr prayer. He further stressed: “Terrorists were stopped from reaching their real targets and were apprehended way before it.”

He said that this is the terrorist’s backlash to Operation Zarb-e-Azb.

“The operation is going on successfully and its results are clearly visible in the country specifically in Peshawar,” Bajwa said.

Answering another question, he said: “The recorded conversation between these terrorists is quite different from those of the APS attack.”

The DG ISPR claimed that the Badaber attackers were “confused.”