General Raheel Sharif COAS has once again assured the nation that the nexus between corruption and terrorism will be eliminated to make the country free from terrorism. People wonder how it can be possible, when state institutions like NAB and FIA are tainted. Despite the Supreme Court’s advice, NAB has failed to make any headway on mega corruption cases, despite the inclusion of the Prime Minister and his family’s names in Panama Leaks, no action has been taken by NAB and FIA for the last five months, even after admission by the Prime Minister’s son on T.V. channel interviews stating they have purchased the most expensive properties in London worth billions of rupees using companies registered in Panama. The Prime Minister has refused to tell the truth about the sources of money for purchase of assets aboard. The patient question is why in the first place prime minister preferred to invest huge amount in foreign countries then in Pakistan? What justification can he give to others to invest in Pakistan? Integrity and honesty are rare commodities in our mainstream politicians. 


Lahore, September 1.